Your commercial and Logistic partner in Latin American paper industry


  • Paper especially manufactured for the production of asphalt layer, made in Europe and South America between 110 and 220 gsm.
  • Because of its great absorption properties, it is a highly valued product in the construction industry.
  • In addition, it has a special formula and an even weight distribution in the whole roll, which allows for higher machine speed and prevents production stoppages.


  • Paperboard especially manufactured for the elaboration of gypsum plates in weights of 160 and 210 gsm and in various widths.
  • It is produced in regular quality, resistant to humidity and fire delayer; these identified respectively with the colors Ivory, Green y Pink.
  • It is also produced in Grey for the back side of the plate. It is made of recycled paper or pulp, depending on the required application and quality.
  • The plasterboard plate is widely used in construction as ceiling or as panels to divide rooms.

Wall Base Paper

  • Special paper for wall cover and subsequently painting.
  • Short fiber product, bulky in 100 gsm in different widths.