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Kraft Paper

  • Virgin fibre monolucid brown paper produced especially for wrapping purposes or manufacturing small paper bags.
  • Weights between 35 and 60 gsm and various roll widths obtained from a 160 cm machine trim.
  • It can also be delivered as sheets or reams.

Coreboard (Chipboard)

  • Coreboard between 200 and 600 gsm. It is a gray recycled containerboard paper of high basis weight.
  • Produced especially for the manufacture of core tubes and edge protectors, glass bottle separators in corrugated boxes, as well as other applications such as board separators in pallets.
  • It can be delivered in rolls of different widths and also in smaller strips of 6-12 cm.

Kraft Extensible Paper

  • Virgin fibre paper, used especially for the manufacture of sacks and bags for products like sugar, flour and cement, that require packaging with the capacity to withstand great amounts of force when handling the product.
  • Available in 70, 80, 90, and 100 gsm in several widths.

Cardboard (Boxboard)

  • Cardboards for a variety of uses, generally for flexible packaging, weights from 140 to 400 gsm.
  • Back side can be white or gray, kraft based (virgin) or recycled.